sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013

RUNO ON VAPAA. Osa 54: "Valkoisia runoja - White Poems"

Olen näissä runoissa saanut vaikutteita Henriikka Tavin "Huhtikuusta" (2012).


S              I

I               S

V              I

I               V

O             V

E             L

K             S          

A             O


DOG           GOD

GDO (Gate Door Opener)

I                   ME


I                    YOU


I                (S)HE



You are my doggess.

I am your dog.

Vivi herself is like me

I am like you.

I love you.

You love me.

Asko is yours.

You are mine. Forever.


The bitch is sniffing my ass. - What a wonderful scent, she says barking me as a dog.

Young puffy woman, Vivi, is drinking beer, * burps * and says that I am like her but I do not drink beer.

I love you though you are young and fat, and drink and use drugs too much.

I think we belong together, Asko says to her. - I suppose so, she says and kisses his lips.

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